HydroBlaze: A Profile


ARC has invented a revolutionary process for engineering a scalable water-based biofuel additive, HydroBlaze, capable of reducing harmful fuel emissions, while increasing the energy efficiencies of any combustion system. Furthermore, the process used to create HydroBlaze is cost-effective and clean and the raw materials are renewable and abundant.


At the very heart of HydroBlaze is its inclusive nature. This is, of course, by design. HydroBlaze is a fuel additive that can and should be added to existing fuel sources whether it be gasoline, diesel or coal. The fuel blended with HydroBlaze can then be used in any combustion system with the outcome of increased energy output and reduced emissions.


But that isn't the only the "entourage" benefit to HydroBlaze. HydroBlaze is a clean fuel with dynamic properties. Here are five more reasons to fall in love with HydroBlaze. 

Above: HydroBlaze is grinded into a very fine soluble powder which is ideal in allowing our fuel to be blended with other fuels.