Management Team


Aeon Renewables Corporation is proud to present the management team pioneering the way for a clean and sustainable energy future in America. Our team is dedicated, convicted and passionate about changing our energy culture, and creating renewable energy that can provide the impetus for this change. 

Peter I Park: Founder and Technical Director of ARC

Peter I. Park is Founder and Technical Director of ARC, in charge of coordinating Research & Development. Peter graduated from Dartmouth College and studied Cognitive Science and Psychology. He is responsible to the board for devising and implementing R&D strategy. Currently, Peter is tasked with refining the understanding and application of the HydroBlaze Fuel through independent research as well as coordinating R&D testing through US-based laboratories. He is also responsible for the oversight of legal and IP matters.

Paul E Park: Founder and CEO of ARC

Paul E. Park is Founder and the CEO of ARC. Paul has taken a lead in initiating the company’s business presence with a current focus on America. He is responsible for the sourcing and negotiation of research funds and opportunities for the development of ARC’s HydroBlaze, as well as future business prospects. He is also responsible for the oversight of legal and IP matters as well as coordinating R&D testing through US-based laboratories. Paul graduated from Pomona College with a degree in Media Studies in 2007.

Evan J Love: Founder and CFO of ARC

Evan J. Love holds the position of CFO and is responsible for managing the financial risks of the company, financial planning and record keeping. Evan also reports on all strategic and tactical matters relating to budgeting, cost benefit analysis, and forecasting financial needs. Evan graduated from Dartmouth College with a major in Government in 2006. His financial background includes working at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Shareholder Proposal Analyst, at Northwestern Mutual Life as a Financial Representative, and at T3 Capital LLC as an equities trader and researcher.

Jim Gollub: Business Development Manager

Jim Gollub is serving as business development manager to ARC and charged with developing strategies to maximize ARC's business potential. He is a leading expert in innovation bridge building and is the originator of the discover/develop/deploy framework for realizing the economic potential of innovations. His firm, James Gollub Associates, provide the crucial connection between innovation and the marketplace – an Innovation Highway that empowers sources and stakeholders to realize the value of their research and helps markets find some of the most important and promising innovations.