5 Key Attributes of HydroBlaze

1. Reduction in Harmful Emissions


HydroBlaze has been shown to reduce NOx, Hydrocarbon and Carbon monoxide emissions. Tests on CA regulated smog tests show a reduction of harmful emissions by up to 35% on even the worst pollutant. 

2. Safe & Environmentally Friendly


HydroBlaze delivers energy using organic materials that are purely non-toxic and safe for the environment. The manufacturing and production of its HydroBlaze is environmentally clean compared to nuclear or fossil fuel-based energy sources. HydroBlaze is very stable at room temperature thus allowing for easy and safe distribution and can be produced in several forms including liquid, powder and solid depending on the end-user's need.

3. Increased Energy Efficiency


HydroBlaze has been shown to increase the thermodynamic efficiencies of a combustible energy system. Tests performed by Keystone Materials Testing, Inc, using ASTM industry standard methods (ASTM E711) determined the heating value of HydroBlaze to be 10,600 BTU of energy per pound. A pound of HydroBlaze will give a system 10,600 BTU of excess energy per pound when fully combusted.

4. Cost-Effective


Production costs are minimal and the components of HydroBlaze consist of easily available organic materials that require no specialized treatment or storage conditions. There is no need for any special equipment, or chemicals that are toxic.

5. A Stable Source of Hydrogen


The ASTM test (D5921) confirms that HydroBlaze provides an additional 5% surplus of hydrogen energy, producing for the end-user an environmentally cleaner source of energy with lower carbon dioxide emissions and which takes advantage of hydrogen’s clean burning, and superior quality heat. 

Above: Hydrogen sparks being released from a wax candle infused with HydroBlaze.